Mattress Buying Guide 2016: The Best Place to Buy a Mattress

Mattress Buying Guide 2016: The Best Place to Buy a Mattress

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Things have changed a lot in the last couple decades, the best place to buy a mattress might not even be a real place anymore. You can order most new mattresses from from almost anywhere, including from your current bed.

The internet has changed the way we do a lot of things in our lives. Mattress shopping was bound to be modernized in the same way. To help you navigate this wide world of beds, we have made a complete mattress buying guide. Take a look at what we’ve found.

Best Place to Buy a Mattress

Finding the best place to buy a mattress is easier than it used to be. Nearly all the world’s knowledge is available in the palm of your hand today. You can find mattress reviews from independent retailers and from customers all over the internet. It may be the easiest time to shop for a bed ever with so much power in the consumer’s hands.

The word “best” is a subjective term because we all have our preferences. To help find the best place for your preferences, we have laid out some of the things we have found helpful. If convenience and value are your thing, you may like internet stores better. But if you think you have to see and touch a bed before making your decision, an in-store location may be more your style.

There are many ways to buy a bed nowadays. In the next sections, we highlight some top mattress retailers from the internet and brick and mortar locations. 

Online Mattress Retailers

BrandMattress typeKey FeaturesOverall Owner Satisfaction
AmerisleepPlant-based memory foamCelliant-infused cover
Plant-based foam
Low VOC foam
AstrabedsOrganic latex100% certified organic materials
Organic dunlop latex
Organic wool fire barrier
Organic cotton cover
LeesaMemory foamSilent
Easy returns
SaatvaInnerspringCoil-on-coil construction
Pocket coils
Signature SleepInnerspring & Memory foamLow price74%

Owner satisfaction data from and verified customer reviews.

Research Points to Online Mattress Shopping

Buying a mattress online isn’t just the modern, hip thing to do, it can actually save you a lot of money and get you in a bed you are happier with. Research indicates that buying a mattress online may be better than going to a store for several reasons. 

A study from RTI International was designed to see whether individuals choose a bed that leads to improved sleep when shopping in a showroom setting. They found that a “standard showroom testing does not lead individuals to select the bed that will provide their best sleep.” The researchers believe a bed that feels comfortable while lying awake may not feel the same when trying to sleep. 

That makes sense when you think about it. People don’t really try to sleep on a showroom mattress. Many people don’t even try the position they normally sleep in while trying showroom beds. Then there are factors like pillows, sheets and blankets to consider. Your bedroom is a very different environment than a showroom. The only way to know if a bed will work for you, in your bedroom, in the position you sleep in is to try it for a few weeks.

Online Mattress Shopping May Save You Money

The internet is bringing businesses together and offering new efficiencies we simply were not capable of in the past. Companies can save money in a number of ways, including having lower costs by not having thousands of locations that need staffed, stocked, lighted and heated.

In-store retail salesmen are typically paid commissions for their sales. This means there is room for negotiation, but the prices start much higher. You may be able to haggle for a much lower price if you try. Usually you will pay more at an in-store retailer, however.

Customers also may not have to pay sales tax when ordering online. With a large purchase, this can be hundreds of dollars saved. Be sure to factor this in when mattress shopping.

Shopping for Mattress Online is Convenient

One of the best things about online mattress shopping is how easy it is. You can buy a mattress from the comfort of your bed or couch at any time. A few clicks and days later you have a bed arrive on your doorstep. How could it get easier?

Your bedroom becomes the showroom and you typically have plenty of time to make a decision. Ninety-day trial periods are fairly common and some retailers go further than that. In-store retailers typically do not have trial periods nearly that long. Return policies from online mattress retailers are generally liberal, but check the fine print before you commit. Look for risk free policies that will allow to forego the expensive shipping costs some policies make customers cover.

Comparing is Possible When Online Shopping

Comparison shopping is difficult if you have to go from store to store to see the mattresses you are interested in. Many people feel awkward carrying a notebook with notes around a store, also. When you shop online, you can have all your information organized in a notebook or even in a spreadsheet if you’d like. Comparison shopping is a must if you are looking for a good deal.

Even if you are considering buying from a brick-and-mortar location, research and compare online first. Then, take your notes or just the knowledge you gathered into the store with you. It is possible to save a lot of money in a little amount of time if you do it right.

In-Store Mattress Retailers

BrandMattress typeKey FeaturesOverall Owner Satisfaction
Denver MattressInnerspringGood return policy63%
Bed In A BoxMemory foamReputable86%
KeetsaMemory foamSome plant-based foam83%
IkeaInnerspring, latex and memory foamLow price64%
SertaInnerspring and memory foamBig manufacturerWidely available65% (innerspring)76% (memory foam)
TempurpedicMemory foamBig manufacturerWidely available81%

Owner satisfaction data from

Stores with physical store locations and showrooms are often referred to as brick-and-mortar retailers. While you may like the idea of going to see and feel your potential future mattress, there are some things you should be aware of.

High-Pressure Sales Environment

Have you ever dealt with a car salesperson? If you have, you probably weren’t thinking, “how can I deal with people like this more often?” A mattress sales floor isn’t much different than a car lot. There are pushy, commission-hungry salesmen there to pressure you into buying the most expensive bed possible at a horrible price.

Mattresses can run from $100 to $30,000 depending on the model and brand. It can be easy to get carried away quickly and agree to something you wouldn’t normally in a high-pressure sales environment. These are large purchases which should be deliberated upon carefully. Don’t get pressured into making a purchase you will regret, showroom experiences rarely translate to good bedroom experiences. 

The Mattress Showroom Switch

Often beds in mattress showrooms feel very different from the beds customers actually receive. There are many reasons for this, most of which aren’t malicious though it may feel like it when it happens to you. Showroom mattresses may receive a lot of human traffic and begin to wear, or that particular line may be inconsistent in firmness from bed to bed.

Be sure to use your mattress for around 30 days before giving up on it. A new sleep surface takes time to get used to. Check to see if the return policy will allow for a return after 30 days.

Mattress Buying Guide

Whether you are shopping online or heading out to an in-store location, there are some things that you should remember in order to get the best bed for the money. The best place to buy a mattress will ultimately be the place that fits your needs and schedule. For those who work odd hours or can’t make it into a store, online mattress shopping  is a great option. Others may need to touch and feel a product before buying.

Use our mattress buying guide to get to the best place to buy a mattress online or in a store without hassle. Here are a few more pointers to help:

  • Give it some time. There are hundreds of beds to choose from, so finding a great one for you will take some looking. Shop around and do some research before committing. There are many helpful mattress buying guides and other nice tools online.
  • Wait for mattress deals. When is the best time to buy a mattress? Retailers love holidays. Wait for times near the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or other holidays that are known for sales. You can save hundreds of dollars.
  • Check the warranty and return policy. A bed is only as good as the guarantee behind it, to some degree. Read the fine print on the policies and make sure you have at least 30 days to try the bed and a 7-year warranty.
  • Think of your sleep position. Side sleepers need more give than stomach or back sleepers. People who change positions throughout the night should try a medium-firm mattress to accommodate each position best.
  • Remember what you need it for. Is this bed going to be used heavily or lightly? Will the users be larger adults, or smaller children? Beds with inferior materials will not stand up to the same abuse as higher quality beds. Look at the materials and match your needs to your purchase.
  • Stay focused and don’t succumb to pressure. Remember to use your head and don’t get caught up in hype or the excitement of the moment. If you are feeling pressured, walk away and think about it for awhile.

Time for a New Bed

Are you sure it is time to shop for a new bed? If you have had your mattress for over 7 years, chances are good you need a new one. How can you make sure your bed has had it? Here are some signs you should look out for:

  • Pain – Waking up with stiffness or aches is a good sign a new bed may be in order.
  • Getting better rest elsewhere – Feeling more rested and comfortable sleeping somewhere else (like the couch or another bed).
  • Signs of visible wear – A mattress with visible dips or lumps will not treat your body well through the night.
  • Sneezing or coughing – Our beds are often home to allergens such as dust, fungi or bacteria. If you show signs of allergic reaction when you are near your bed you should get new one. Hypoallergenic models may be better suited for you.

If you are seeing one or more of these indicators, it probably wouldn’t be a bad time to get a bed. If your bed is still under warranty, you may be able to have it replaced by the retailer. They have to show specific types of wear in order to redeem the policy and each warranty is different. You may have to have sagging of a certain depth or other specific types of wear showing. Find out what your policy says and contact your dealer for more information.

Are you certain you will need a new mattress? It is a great time to shop. There are plenty of great beds out there. Remember your needs and budget while you search and adhere to them. As you shop, keep our mattress buying guide in mind and you’ll surely have success in finding the best place to buy a mattress.


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